Scribble 1.1 Received With Much Love

by indy

Last Friday a little red number showed up on people’s App Store icon. This simple marker was a signal of a major update to Scribble. With more colors, pen sizes and the ability to draw on photos, Scribble climbed the charts and returned to the Top 50 free apps on the iPhone App Store with thousands upon thousands of downloads.

People have showered praise and love on the new and improved Scribble and we are very proud of the accomplishment. We listened to our users’ feedback and the new feature requests and came up with a vision for the new Scribble.

Building the new version was an interesting problem. We wanted to introduce cool new features but at the same time keep the application as friendly and easy to use as before. It took some hard thinking, but we think we have reached a happy medium.

We’d like to thank all our users for the love they have given Scribble. To those of you that haven’t yet updated or used Scribble yet, go download it now!

Scribble Pineapple

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