Scribble climbs the charts

by harry

While working on our first update to zintin (which will hopefully soon be approved by Apple for availability on the App Store) we developed a simple drawing program to allow zintin users to “scribble” on their and other users’ walls. It’s a nice feature and will definitely make zintin both more accessible and more fun.

We had so much fun playing around with it that we decided to release it as a stand-alone app on the App Store. We called it “Scribble”, wrote a one-word description (“Draw!”) and submitted it.

Well Scribble has become quite a phenomenon: it has steadily climbed the charts, and is now ranked 11th among the App Store free apps.

As well as working on updates for zintin, we also have updates for Scribble in the pipeline, both to make the existing interface even cleaner and to add some exciting new features. We really appreciate the warm response Scribble has received, and hope to continue to delight our users in the future!

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