Making zintin a safer place

by harry

Since our launch last week we’ve seen all sorts of novel content being shared by users on zintin, from hand-drawn scribbles to artistic photography. Congratulations to the community as a whole!

Unfortunately (although in hindsight it was to be expected), a small number of individuals have been posting unsuitable content on zintin. This is immature and unacceptable behaviour, and it detracts from the experience of everyone else.

To remedy this problem we are building “Block user” and “Flag content” functionality into the update we are currently working on. “Block user” should prevent any of our user’s experiences from being damaged by anyone else; “flag content” will allow us to review unsuitable content and swiftly take appropriate action.

In the mean time, we have been forced to ban users who post unsuitable content. We will continue to quickly solve problems as they come up, and improve our users’ experience.

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