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Update available on the iPhone App Store

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Apple has just released an update to zintin on the iPhone app store. The update contains a whole load of nice features, but the big one is scribbling. Scribble was launched as a separate app and blew up; it has been one of the top apps since shortly after it was released. The Scribble app is included entirely in the update to zintin, with a fun addition. In zintin you will be able to scribble on pictures in addition to a plain white background.

Aside from all the fun, scribbling is a great way to send short notes to other users. Until now, many users have been sending such notes by taking screenshots. We are currently working on the next update which will allow for even more interaction between users.

New feature: City bulletin boards

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

We’ve just deployed a new feature on zintin: city bulletin boards.

Pretty much every city in the world now has its own wall on zintin. The change was entirely server-side, so you should already be able to see the boards of nearby cities at the bottom of the initial zintin screen, below the list of nearby users. A city’s bulletin board is visible within a radius which grows with its population, so you will be able to see small towns which are very nearby, and larger cities which are a little further afield.

These new city bulletin boards should be a great way to share fun content and relevant information with fellow city-dwellers. The inspiration for the new feature came directly out of seeing how people use zintin and listening to user feedback, so we are really excited to see how people use it. Tell us what you think in the forums!

Scribble climbs the charts

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

While working on our first update to zintin (which will hopefully soon be approved by Apple for availability on the App Store) we developed a simple drawing program to allow zintin users to “scribble” on their and other users’ walls. It’s a nice feature and will definitely make zintin both more accessible and more fun.

We had so much fun playing around with it that we decided to release it as a stand-alone app on the App Store. We called it “Scribble”, wrote a one-word description (“Draw!”) and submitted it.

Well Scribble has become quite a phenomenon: it has steadily climbed the charts, and is now ranked 11th among the App Store free apps.

As well as working on updates for zintin, we also have updates for Scribble in the pipeline, both to make the existing interface even cleaner and to add some exciting new features. We really appreciate the warm response Scribble has received, and hope to continue to delight our users in the future!

Making zintin a safer place

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Since our launch last week we’ve seen all sorts of novel content being shared by users on zintin, from hand-drawn scribbles to artistic photography. Congratulations to the community as a whole!

Unfortunately (although in hindsight it was to be expected), a small number of individuals have been posting unsuitable content on zintin. This is immature and unacceptable behaviour, and it detracts from the experience of everyone else.

To remedy this problem we are building “Block user” and “Flag content” functionality into the update we are currently working on. “Block user” should prevent any of our user’s experiences from being damaged by anyone else; “flag content” will allow us to review unsuitable content and swiftly take appropriate action.

In the mean time, we have been forced to ban users who post unsuitable content. We will continue to quickly solve problems as they come up, and improve our users’ experience.

Downtime yesterday

Monday, July 14th, 2008

We would like to apologize to our users, we suffered roughly an hour of downtime last night due to technical issues with our server. We have resolved the problem and we are working hard to prevent future problems.

Zintin’s first days on the iPhone app store

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Things are pretty exciting right now. We are getting thousands of users every day and some great feedback. Users have shared tens of thousands of photos in the last couple of days, and hundreds of people have exchanged contact info with each other to meet up.

A lot of our users are eager to get the updated version of zintin, which should be released by Apple very soon (we submitted it to them before the App Store launched). For now, users are getting by via screenshots of iPhone notes. Open the notes application, write something, then press the power and menu buttons at the same time. Then post the photo to someone’s wall in zintin.

Launch day

Friday, July 11th, 2008

We spent this morning promoting zintin at Apple Stores. The lines were pretty huge, and at several stores there were news teams covering the whole iPhone 3g launch.

We talked to people at roughly 13 stores and feedback was quite positive. Users are rolling in fairly quickly now.

FYI – There are more features on their way to zintin users that will allow for much more interaction between people. We are just waiting on Apple now.

Zintin on the iPhone so far

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

We already have a couple hundred users even though the new iPhone OS is not in everyone’s hands. People are using zintin, updating their status and sharing pictures. It looks like we are getting a great reception so far.
I can’t wait until we get more people on the service, but for now you can join the discussion on the forum.

Zintin is now on the iPhone App Store

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

The iPhone App Store appears to have gone live as of a couple hours ago, at least for developers. Everyone should be able to see it soon. Here’s a quick look from our perspective.

There are 500 apps on the store right now. Over 200 are in the entertainment category, many of them are games. Social networking is one of the largest categories with 30 apps. There are some expected names, but zintin is the only app that allows you to discover the people around you and see when your friends are nearby. We also may be one of the few social apps that doesn’t require you to sign your friends up to be useful.

We’ll keep the news coming, but check out the iPhone App Store now!

The coming iPhone apps

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

The new 3g version of the iPhone will be out this Friday. Most people are also expecting that the iPhone App Store will be out the same day. With the launch date approaching, some app developers are slowly letting out details of their apps, and we wanted to give you a heads up about one that you may not have heard of yet.

I’m particularly excited about an app called iDineAtNine that’ll provide a great way to find restaurant reviews. The new iPhone app, iDineAtNine, will provide a great way to find new restaurants, bars, clubs, you name it. Its a solid app that will help explore new places, and find out what you didn’t know about your own home town. Whenever I look for a meal I drive from one end of the main street in town to the other, but most of the restaurants are just a block or two off the main road, meaning I’m seeing only a small slice. Now iDineAtNine will solve that problem.

Traditional methods to find restaurants, bars, and the like fail for a couple of reasons. On Google maps for example, you cant sort by the rating, meaning you’ll find restaurants in the area, but they may not be any good. Its also impossible to get any service that isn’t on your phone to find where you are without having to tell it. IDineAtNine can help you out there; why enter your location when iDineAtNine can already tell you?

If you eat food, you should check out iDineAtNine.