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Mobile presence

Monday, April 21st, 2008

There is a lot going on in the mobile space right now. Android and the iPhone have started something, a market wave, which a lot of companies plan on riding to the top. Many have recognized that one of the first big mobile apps will be presence awareness, and as a result, there are a number of startups diving into that space.

What is presence awareness? The idea is that when you walk into a room, your phone will know who is around you. Several companies are excited by the idea of browsing the profiles of other users near you. This provides a new way to meet people and break the ice, there is also a way to apply the platform to dating. Almost every mobile presence company we have seen so far is taking this basic idea in a different direction. Of course, our application is also unique, and for various reasons we think our approach is the best. Stay tuned for the specifics.

Startup School Reception Dinner

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

We walked into a room with a giant orange Y on the wall. With nice chill music playing in the background we were greeted by a robot that shook our hands. Within a few minutes, all three of us were in conversations with some amazing people with great new ideas for making people’s lives easier. It was mind blowing.

Tonight was the reception dinner for the people attending Y-Combinator’s “Startup School”. Without going into detail, Y-Combinator is a company that starts startups. They accept a few companies each year for an incubator style program.  Startup School is an event on Stanford campus tomorrow, which will be a whirlwind tour of the challenges involved in starting a company.

We had a great time at the dinner tonight and are really pleased with the reaction we got to our idea from everyone we met. It was really rewarding to hear people eager to try out all of the things we are doing with mobile phones. There are a couple of interesting companies that we could possibly partner with and we are looking forward to meeting them and everyone else tomorrow morning at the Startup School.

On finishing note we’d like to say hi to all of the new friends we made tonight. See you guys tomorrow!

Birth of zintin

Monday, April 14th, 2008

We are proud to announce the birth of the beautiful new (and imaginatively named) zintin blog! Our website and blog are a little bare right now, but we will be filling them out in the coming weeks and months.

We are currently developing our application for Android, which is an exciting new platform for mobile phones. We are having a great time building it, and can’t wait to get it into users’ hands!

For now we have just entered a prototype for our app into the Google’s Android Developer’s Challenge, which is meant to promote the development of “original [...], appealing and indispenable” mobile apps. Zintin fits the bill on all counts.

We look forward to telling you more about the details of our app and our vision, so watch this space!