With zintin 1.3, discover even more of the world around you!

September 19th, 2008 by harry

Avast maties, thar is a new ship sailing into port! Look starboard: ’tis the new update to zintin. They say her crew has killed more bugs than Black Beard did men. And now ye can see as many landlubbers on zintin as there are gold coins in a Spanish galleon! Arrrr…

(for those a little thrown off by our blog’s new stylistic direction, rest assured: it is just for talk like a pirate day)

Scribble 1.1 Received With Much Love

August 28th, 2008 by indy

Last Friday a little red number showed up on people’s App Store icon. This simple marker was a signal of a major update to Scribble. With more colors, pen sizes and the ability to draw on photos, Scribble climbed the charts and returned to the Top 50 free apps on the iPhone App Store with thousands upon thousands of downloads.

People have showered praise and love on the new and improved Scribble and we are very proud of the accomplishment. We listened to our users’ feedback and the new feature requests and came up with a vision for the new Scribble.

Building the new version was an interesting problem. We wanted to introduce cool new features but at the same time keep the application as friendly and easy to use as before. It took some hard thinking, but we think we have reached a happy medium.

We’d like to thank all our users for the love they have given Scribble. To those of you that haven’t yet updated or used Scribble yet, go download it now!

Scribble Pineapple

zintin Version 1.2 Now Available!

August 20th, 2008 by indy

Ever since the app store opened with zintin in the first 500 or so apps, we’ve been reading reviews, emails, our forums and comments strewn across the web. And man, did we get some good feedback! We learned a lot about all of you that use our app and what you wanted. With all that we synthesized a new set of features that we’ve put together in this new version of zintin.

Scribbling on people’s walls is lot of fun, but when it comes to writing long notes it can be a bit cumbersome (at least for those of us with fat fingers and terrible handwriting). Now there is a special “post notes” feature that lets you type out a note and post it on someone’s wall.

Before there was no way to use the app with a friend that was not nearby. Now you can turn on the “Display contacts” switch in “Settings” and see everyone in your contact list that uses zintin and share pictures and scribbles with them even when they are not around.

We noticed that people like to change their status messages a lot, but it was really annoying to always have to go into “Settings” to do so. We’ve now moved editing status messages on the main screen where you can edit it in place and keep everyone updated as fast as possible.

People also wanted more privacy control and content control. As we had mentioned in a previous post we have added the ability block users and report inappropriate content. Just press “Options” on the top of any wall and “Block Poster” and “Report Content” buttons will appear on every item on the wall.

One thing people told us often was that they had posted photos on other people’s wall by mistake and didn’t know how to remove them. Now you can Delete any item posted by you on any wall. It can be accessed the same way as Block and Report as described above.

Aside from that we fixed quite a few bugs. In particular you may notice that pictures load quite a bit faster now.

Once again we’d like to thank everyone in the zintin community for giving us the great feedback, and our forum users for the discussions that helped shape our decisions. Now go try zintin 1.2!

Kid Friendly Scribbles

August 7th, 2008 by indy

Scribble is fun for all ages! This video on geeksugar shows Scribble being enjoyed by a young’un. It brought a smile to all our faces :-)

Next zintin update coming soon

August 2nd, 2008 by john

We are quite busy right now working on the next zintin update which will include many of the most requested features from our users. There has been a lot of great feedback on our forum, on the App Store review page, and through direct emails. Thanks all for your input and enthusiasm!

That’s all for now… we have to get back to work!

Update available on the iPhone App Store

July 25th, 2008 by john

Apple has just released an update to zintin on the iPhone app store. The update contains a whole load of nice features, but the big one is scribbling. Scribble was launched as a separate app and blew up; it has been one of the top apps since shortly after it was released. The Scribble app is included entirely in the update to zintin, with a fun addition. In zintin you will be able to scribble on pictures in addition to a plain white background.

Aside from all the fun, scribbling is a great way to send short notes to other users. Until now, many users have been sending such notes by taking screenshots. We are currently working on the next update which will allow for even more interaction between users.

New feature: City bulletin boards

July 24th, 2008 by harry

We’ve just deployed a new feature on zintin: city bulletin boards.

Pretty much every city in the world now has its own wall on zintin. The change was entirely server-side, so you should already be able to see the boards of nearby cities at the bottom of the initial zintin screen, below the list of nearby users. A city’s bulletin board is visible within a radius which grows with its population, so you will be able to see small towns which are very nearby, and larger cities which are a little further afield.

These new city bulletin boards should be a great way to share fun content and relevant information with fellow city-dwellers. The inspiration for the new feature came directly out of seeing how people use zintin and listening to user feedback, so we are really excited to see how people use it. Tell us what you think in the forums!

Scribble climbs the charts

July 20th, 2008 by harry

While working on our first update to zintin (which will hopefully soon be approved by Apple for availability on the App Store) we developed a simple drawing program to allow zintin users to “scribble” on their and other users’ walls. It’s a nice feature and will definitely make zintin both more accessible and more fun.

We had so much fun playing around with it that we decided to release it as a stand-alone app on the App Store. We called it “Scribble”, wrote a one-word description (“Draw!”) and submitted it.

Well Scribble has become quite a phenomenon: it has steadily climbed the charts, and is now ranked 11th among the App Store free apps.

As well as working on updates for zintin, we also have updates for Scribble in the pipeline, both to make the existing interface even cleaner and to add some exciting new features. We really appreciate the warm response Scribble has received, and hope to continue to delight our users in the future!

Making zintin a safer place

July 18th, 2008 by harry

Since our launch last week we’ve seen all sorts of novel content being shared by users on zintin, from hand-drawn scribbles to artistic photography. Congratulations to the community as a whole!

Unfortunately (although in hindsight it was to be expected), a small number of individuals have been posting unsuitable content on zintin. This is immature and unacceptable behaviour, and it detracts from the experience of everyone else.

To remedy this problem we are building “Block user” and “Flag content” functionality into the update we are currently working on. “Block user” should prevent any of our user’s experiences from being damaged by anyone else; “flag content” will allow us to review unsuitable content and swiftly take appropriate action.

In the mean time, we have been forced to ban users who post unsuitable content. We will continue to quickly solve problems as they come up, and improve our users’ experience.

Downtime yesterday

July 14th, 2008 by john

We would like to apologize to our users, we suffered roughly an hour of downtime last night due to technical issues with our server. We have resolved the problem and we are working hard to prevent future problems.